What is Solar Real Estate Training?

What is Solar Real Estate Training?

It is a free service to help you understand solar real estate

Knowledge and testing on the following material—all on the Solar Real Estate Tab (Can you sell a solar home or list one today?)

  • Learn enough about solar so your transaction goes smoothly.
  • Define the four types of solar transactions and what you need to know.
  • Define solutions for each situation when problems arise.
  • Define what to ask for at the listing appointment for a solar home.
  • Pricing out solar homes: it’s time to sell paid-off solar homes for more money. I will show you how.
  • Learn the basics of solar and "net metering."
  • Showing a paid-for solar system on a home? – How to know if your client is getting a good deal (a value feature you must know!)
  • What to look for so you understand solar now and in the future

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