Real Estate With Solar

What is Solar Real Estate Training?

It is a free service to help you understand solar real estate

Knowledge and testing on the following material—all on the Solar Real Estate Tab (Can you sell a solar home or list one today?)

  • Learn enough about solar so your transaction goes smoothly.
  • Define the fou…
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Work With A Residential Solar Specialist

Get to know a Solar Realtor. I am your solar realtor. I understand solar and real estate. This skill will help clients better understand solar agreements and have the skills to access solar systems, all while helping real estate agents & clients buy and sell hous…

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Study Program

Topic 1: How to list a house with Solar


What Mom taught me - she was a real estate agent.

When you have an open house do you leave a folder on the kitchen table with the utility bills in it?

I am mainly talking about the electric bill. In Calif…

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